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7 Traps to Avoid When Filing Bankruptcy

Do you feel like your finances have sunk you in the mud and you can’t get out? Sometimes life costs more than you planned. Maybe you have been hit by one of the following top ten causes of filing bankruptcy as reported in the Huffington Post: Medical Expenses Reduced Income Job Loss Credit Debt Divorce […]

Custody Considerations – Health Care

One often overlooked aspect of the divorce process is who pays for our child’s health care.  This is something that most people don’t think about until they already need to use it, but is an important issue.  Most likely, the judge presiding over your case will require all minor children to carry some form of […]

Life After Bankruptcy – Set Up An Emergency Fund

People who’ve had large and unforeseen expenses arise can tell you how important having an emergency fund is. Having a cushion for those unexpected expenses such as medical expenses, home or car repairs can go a long way in helping you avoid new debt. These are especially important to people with low income or those […]